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Step inside the world of the Sisters of Sharon. Go to History to discover our past. Who are the members of the Sisters of Sharon? Find out in our bio section. If you're looking to download or taste some of our music, go straight to Music Samples page. Or wander into our fanzine, Sharon's Monthly - no other like it on the Internet! Or if you are looking for the latest news - go straight to Upcoming Gigs, which is updated most frequently on this site.

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Female Musicians with delicious music...
Original pop... No prefab combo here!
Sisters of Sharon at Carnegies Dec 1999
Described as a cross between
the Carpentars & the Sex Pistols!

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SISTERS OF SHARON: Underground Recipes $10.00
SISTERS OF SHARON: Paper Planes and Daisy Chains $8.99
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Hong Kong's Top All girls band - Sisters of Sharon! This site contains band biography, pictures (group and individual), band history, music samples in several formats (mp3, realaudio + wav files), a unique fanzine known as Sharon's Monthly (where you can finally see what Sharon looks like - and also see if your picture was taken at a recent Sisters of Sharon gig!) as well as a gig guide and an online CD store. Check it out!